Monday, January 30, 2012

My First Dry Shampoo: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

I've used this for 2 days now, and I don't have any experience with dry shampoo, but I've read a lot of great things about this one. So much so, that it compelled me to go out to Sephora to pick it up.

It has a citrus scent to it and the powder is white and very fine. It blends into my dark hair very well, and it definitely soaks up the oil and leaves my hair with a tiny bit more volume, though not much. It doesnt weigh my hair down, and it doesnt feel as if I have product in my hair.

If you use too much of this, it will leave you looking like you just spent hours baking in the kitchen. Words of wisdom: Use sparingly!! A little goes a looooong way. Trust me. If you use too much, or place it on your scalp, the powder will clump together, making it look as if you have dandruff and that is so not cute. Sprinkle the powder at least an inch away from roots. As you're patting the hair, it will somehow disperse well enough to roots without you directly sprinkling the powder on to it.

Since this is my first dry shampoo, I'm not sure if other products also cause this to happen? Leave me a comment, you know of better :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Truly a Nerd For Make up

This passion for make up has started at least since I was 18 or so. But over the years, it's evolved into an OBSESSION. I want everything, and I somehow convince myself that I need to have it. I must get my hands on it! I google products and I watch youtube videos. I play around with my own collection, take off the make up and restart with different colors. It's crazy. And I'm addicted.

Make up brings me such joy! Ever seen me at a cosmetic store? It's ridiculous how giddy I get. Amazingly, my collection all fits into one dresser drawer. Not a whole dresser full of make-up, I'm talking about one drawer. I don't want to get out of control. It's a fine line. I must control myself.

This blog has been a long time coming. I've told my friends countless times how I will start my own blog, but until now, it's been all talk. This is my first entry of many and I hope you'll enjoy reading about my compulsive shopping habits and my list of insatiable desires.

More to come! Pinky promise :)